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WARNING: Submission Works Scam REVEALED

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We have all seen those programs advertised online that promise us untold wealth. They talk of how just $30 per month can bring us car and yachts and fancy homes, with the best part being that we really don’t have to do anything to get it. We have then all experienced the disappointment of signing up, heading to the member’s area and finding an affiliate link and a couple of old e-books that we can use to tempt in more folks. The rest of the time is then spent trying to find an e-mail address or toll-free phone number where we can call and cancel.

The internet is full of those types of programs, where you basically get nothing for your money except a link to help you build a downline, who in turn will get nothing. These programs inevitably collapse, but not before the founder rake in a boatload of cash and head to the hills. Scam programs are everywhere and they have made the buying public more than a little skeptical. It seems that the scam label is quickly attached to any program that may even bear a very small resemblance to those awful programs.

The sad thing is that there are some genuinely good programs out there that are getting hit with the scam label for no good reason. One of the best examples of that is Submission Works, which is a program that drives a ton of traffic to as many as seven of your affiliate links, blogs, or websites. It’s easy to see why people take the scam way out after reading the sales page, but it seems that too many of those folks are simply jumping the gun or are using the scam label to try and push other advertising programs.

I have been around the internet marketing game long enough to recognize when scam type reviews are written to discredit a program so that another can be pushed into the spotlight. It also helps that since I am a happy member of Submission Works, I can tell that some of the things that these people mention actually do not exist within the SW program. There are some very definite tell-tale signs to be found in those types of reviews, but you really have to be a member of the site being discredited to catch them all.

If you came here looking for exactly the type of scam review I have been discussing, then I am afraid you are out of luck. Submission Works has helped boost my business in ways that I would never have imagined, and which I would have completely missed had I fallen for those awful reviews. What I am here to tell you is that the real Submission Works scam is the one that is being perpetrated by review writers that have another agenda high on their to do list. Don’t listen to them, and don’t simply take my word for it; go and try Submission Works and draw your own conclusions.


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