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Submission Works First Official Review

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Well, what can I say about Submission Works? We all know for a fact that it’s an online traffic generating or advertising tool that we can take advantage of for only $60 a month. Now, do I think it’s worth what I’m paying for it each month?

I could simply say yes right now, but let’s try discussing some facts and the truth behind Submission Works. Just like any online marketer, I have seen some ups and downs in the past. I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to get the right advertising tool for my business to get some profit coming in.

Comparing Submission Works to the other tools that I have used before, like the one using just one of social media networks, it does get my business a needed exposure. It generates leads and potential clients, but the pace from which they come in is quite slow.

With Submission Works, it seems that it’s propelling me to the top of the online marketing world. I have like, a 35% increase on the number of prospective clients that’s showing great interest on the product that I’m selling. Anyway, we’re talking about a weekly basis here.

So, for $60 a month, I’m actually getting more out of what I paid for their service. With the 35% increase on prospective clients, my wife and I can turn right around a third of it into sales. So, for that part alone I am truly happy with what we’re getting.

Turning 1 of every 3 prospects into a sale is really great. Now, let’s talk about the effort part. I, for myself, have attended a lot of webinars just to learn some tips and tricks from these online marketing experts.

Yes, it did help me a lot. But when I got the services of Submission Works, I realized that I wasn’t really doing something wrong with how I’m running the business with my wife. It’s not even a matter of misunderstanding or miscommunication with her. It’s just that we weren’t using the right tools to get our business promoted and we’re not getting the help we needed to get it going.

Way before I attended these webinars, I thought my business practices we’re kind of wrong, but as I’ve mentioned above, it isn’t. It’s just that Submission Works have the capabilities to utilize the power of all the social media networks out there. Aside from that, they also use the power of PPC’s, Newswires, Blog spots, and social bookmarking sites. Which they would be enabling their clients for promoting their business and getting that much needed profit in the end, what a value for $60 a month, right?

Also, one the best things that I get from them are how my website links is generating all those traffic. I must say that the Saturation Checker from Submission Works is really doing a great job with it. All you have to do is submit up to seven links to them and they’ll take care of the rest for you.

Now, if you think you’re doing something wrong with how you run business, don’t think that way. You just need help and the right tools. Just as I did, try the advertising and traffic tools of Submission Works. for sure you’ll get results moments after you sign up for their service.


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