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Twice Confirmed Traffic Vs Hourly Bux

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Do you want to make money online while having fun with clicking? Hey, you don’t need to click all day long before you earn money from some click to earn sites. If you think that it is impossible, then you may want to know about HourlyBux. It’s one of the coolest ways of making online money in an instant. The only thing you need to do is to visit ten websites per day to be able to make money from the revenue shares for that particular day.

How Does Hourly Bux Work?

A solid ad platform can be used by business owners to increase their online exposure. They can offer you a strong and reliable advertising solution in order to pour traffic into your websites or businesses online.

To join, you only need to sign up and pay nothing. On the other hand, you may also buy 1,000 guaranteed visits to your websites for only $25.00 and be included in the PTC ad listing. You can also make a lifetime upgrade in the site.

In addition, you can become an affiliate marketer to bring in more people into the site. You will make a guaranteed amount of five percent commission for every purchase you bring in. When you pay $25, you can also achieve a free upgrade together with an RSS. You can also have paid email ads and login ads (Both sold separately, no RSS included).

What Works Better Than Hourly Bux

To tell you, there seem to be a good advertising system offered by HourlyBux, but they are not enough. If you want to make money for yourself and for your businesses online, you may want to use a more flexible platform that does not limit you to using only PTC platforms. In addition, you should not rely on one or only several ad methods offered by HourlyBux.  To get started with a more effective advertising online, you may want to use Twice Confirmed Traffic. So, how does TCT differ from the rest?

  • Affordable-TCT will only charge $59.95 per month for the advertising of all your products and services. Here, you can use as many links as you want without having to pay anything extra. You will not be limited to using banner ads, PTC ads and other old methods to market your business. At an affordable price of only two dollars per day, you can start marketing your online business to more people in real time.
  • Convenience-When you use TCT, you don’t need to promote your offers manually, TCT will automatically buy the traffic you need to generate sales into your sites. With TCT, you will not have to spend much time online but spend your life in the most enjoyable means you know. With Twice Confirmed Traffic, you can make sure that you can be promoted across the web. Just cut and paste your links onto the Traffic Shifter, and it will automatically expose your sites online!
  • Effective-If you sign up with TCT, you can increase your online exposure, but that is not all. Here, you can monitor if the sources are converting money for you. Check your results using the Conversion Loop!

There you have some of best ways on how TCT can promote your sites online. Get started to real marketing today by grabbing one of the limited slots offered by TCT. Join now!


Written by blogmaster777

February 25, 2014 at 9:06 pm

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