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Twice Confirmed Traffic Vs Link Bucks

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Link Bucks work as an advertising system that was founded or created by Charles Major. The site allows you to check or modify your website links so that you can make money from them. It works automatically as a pay per click program so that their advertisers would get their links and ads from multiple places across the web.

An Overview On How Link Bucks Works

It uses a unique advertising platform, but can be a bit confusing for beginners. It works well for pro internet marketers, but may be very stressful for many newbie marketers. Whatever links you have for your blog sites, MLM businesses, sales pages and forum posts, among others, you will be able to submit these to the LinkBucks platform. You can also link using any affiliate websites you are promoting using LinkBucks. Obviously, the site works just like any conventional platforms out there.  It uses added codes that people can view as an intermission for a few seconds and when they will see a framed banner just above the destination page they are trying to visit.

When the people have clicked on the codes, you can make commissions by having as many clicks as possible. Various website advertisers can get the exposure they want while allowing people to go to their online destinations. Lastly, you make money in the process.

To sum it up, LinkBucks work just like an ordinary advertising tool, but it does not have enough features to drive in traffic to your sites. Perhaps, the system is a bit overwhelming to those new in the online scene. In addition, these methods may not be as effective anymore, as the intermissions in particular are quite distracting and quite annoying for many online users. If you want to use a more user-friendly and simple traffic tool, then you might as well use Twice Confirmed Traffic.

Use Twice Confirmed Traffic For Better Advertising Experience

Although the techniques used by LinkBucks can be effective, they can be a little tricky if you are not well versed of codes. In addition, the system they use is not very effective anymore because online users do not bother much about viewing ads; rather, they are looking for sites that can present them with what they are looking for in an instant, without any ad interruptions.

To make use of a more effective ad platform, use TCT. It’s the best traffic tool to use if you are looking to achieve more sales from any online business you are campaigning for, whether you are a product or service owner or you are an affiliate marketer.

For only $59.95 per month, you can ensure of better exposure and eventually better earnings for all your online businesses. If you want to make things easier, use TCT instead of LinkBucks. It is not only more profits it could bring but more chances to do good online business as well by offering a more rewarding online experience to your users that LinkBucks cannot give you.

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Written by blogmaster777

February 25, 2014 at 9:13 pm

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